You bill and collect monies on behalf of your resellers.

Once the end users bill is paid, you want to pay your resellers their commission.


If you use Encode IT Ltd.’s Workplace Suite (WS) Recurring Billing and Payments solution, we have a new automated and semi-automated commission solution available for you right now.


On your recurring bill item line, define who to pay, a commission amount or a percentage and if applicable, a commission payable end date.

WS then creates a commission record for every bill produced and monitors every sales invoice raised in Sage 50 or Sage 200.

Once the end-users invoice is paid, the commission record is updated. WS automated solution will create Purchase Ledgers Invoice postings in your Purchase Ledger. These are again monitored and once paid, WS updates the Commission record as paid.

If you have opted for the semi-automated solution, no Purchase Ledger posting are made. Once paid, you simply update the commission record as paid in WS.