Examples of Recent Projects and Clients


We understand the benefit talking to other clients. To this end we offer reference sites that you can talk to directly. We ask all our clients to act as a reference when needed and everyone to date has indicated that they are happy to help. They clearly don't want to be bombarded and do ask that we leave it until the end of the sales cycle, once every other question has checked and been ticked off as ok.



This client is a leader in their field and had just become part of an International Group providing cloud services. This project, part funded by the Welsh Assembly (yes just before all this stopped), delivered an Automated Billing and Payment Processing module for Workplace Suite. WS collects usage information from Attix5, prices it, bills it, takes payment and sends everything to Sage 50. The solution also includes emailing the invoices to the customers and payment by direct debit.



This next business became a client in August 2004 with the purchase of standard Code Purple. They were named one of the UK’s fastest growing technology companies in the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 league table in 2007 (ranked number 78), 2008 (ranked number 52) and in 2009 (ranked number 58).

They supply a selection of data circuits and solutions and had been using Code Purple for about three years when they asked us to enable their BT, CW and other circuit provider invoices to be imported and then cross referenced to their customers contracts held within Code Purple. Having delivered this project on time and to budget they requested further enhancements enabling Code Purple to monitor new orders and order progression. This has enabled Code Purple to generate their future income forecast. This project was also delivered on time and to budget. We have now completed the development, installed and implemented a WS Billing for Sage 200.


This next client has been with us a little longer. They are experts in tachograph analysis and this expertise has enabled them to design software solutions which provide their clients with meaningful savings and timely information. Having seen Code Purple they asked us to create a custom import that collated and priced data generated by their own in-house application. This solution has been operational since January 2004.


This next client is an international media company, providing high quality and cost-effective media content in text, audio and video formats to maritime, hotel and retail sectors around the world. They required enhancements including detail and process changes with multi-currency forecasting. These went live in 2008.


This next client is an award winning provider of properties services to a wide variety of client and use Code Purple for their service contract billing. They recently requested enhancements to enable them to fully analyse current billing for services that will be delivered in future periods, including the ability to handle retrospective contract adjustments.

Based on our service levels and their satisfaction with us over many years, they commissioned us to create a new incident logging, management and billing solution for their maintenance division. This has been a great success and has been operational for just under 12 months.

It also enables remote technicians and line managers to work remotely with disconnected data sets meaning they do not need to be connected to the internet all the time.



This next client became a customer in the about 1998. They commissioned us in 2000 to write a batch number stock handling and order processing application for Sage 50. This was a huge success and remained in place until in 2010 having seen the features in our WS applications they commissioned us the upgrade their system to a WS module.

This advanced stock handling module with Sale order entry enables stock (and the batch references) to be allocated in real time at order entry.

Being the market leaders in their field, in the last few months they have been purchased by an international Group.