We offer a secure, low cost facility of creating, storing and making available test certificates to your customers. This service consistently saves hours of administration time, yours and your customers. It also lowers your business carbon footprint a little.

 Our systems and technologies are effective for both individual (serial) and batch (one to many) references making it suitable for many business types.

Win Win Win

•Your customers win as they can visually check and print the certificates on demand as and when and only if needed.
•You win as you consistently save time and costs of issuing original paper certificates and the administration time and cost of storing, finding and resending them.
•The environment wins as your business carbon footprint reduces a little.

Certificates will be available to your customers for as long as you have profiled them to remain.

You can set the default certificate availability for each of your customers. For example some customers may require 3 years others may require a whole lot longer.

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