Programming and Application Development


A Summary of what we do, by posing three questions


  1. What's so new that I should investigate the potential of becoming even more effective and efficient than my competitors again?
  2. Why would you say that my bespoke software is nearly ready when we haven’t even spoken yet?
  3. How can Encode It’s bespoke solutions be such good value?


Well, we have created market leading software applications for 50% less than alternative suppliers because we have everything ready to go in our Workplace Suite Application Holder. We just need to talk to you now!

Workplace Suite is established and robust with market-leading businesses already using it, including AAA rated clients. It is a modern MS .Net application that has everything that a good bespoke solution normally requires;

  • User login, security and roles, already done.
  • Connections to databases that hold the data, MS SQL (including the free version) or MS Jet Database, already done and provision for MySQL in place.
  • Automatic creation of the tables in MS SQL, already done
  • True integration into accounts systems (Sage Instant, Sage 50 and Sage 200), already done. We are also happy to create connections to other accounts systems.
  • The technology to provide automated updates and roll outs when available, already in place.
  • Automated software licencing updates, already in place.
  • Comprehensive, yet simple to use, report writer so that you can create and amend reports and layouts, already done
  • The technologies to provide mobile (disconnected) systems using MS IIS using the internet, already to roll.
  • The technologies to connect to other systems to collect and update as required.
  • Automated email generation
  • Some our more standard modules ready to be adapted to your exact requirements
    • Stock control, multi-depot, batch/serial
    • Sale order processing
    • Repeat billing
    • Pay as go billing
    • Card and direct debit payment processing
    • Tasks
    • Technologies we understand
      • Barcodes
      • Weighing scales
      • MS Mobile
      • VMWare, Attix5


How long will all this take?

Quite often we can provide a verbal guestimate in less than a couple of hours so you can decide if it is then worth investing a bit more time.

Normally, initially over the phone, we listen to your requirements, look at examples of how you work (normally by using our remote desktop software), design and propose a solution, including a demonstration of the look and feel of the software and provide a fixed price quotation, including a detailed scoping document providing total clarity on what will be provided.

For a quick chat to see if we can help please call or email us.


Phone 01299 40 60 80  or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This completes the summary. We have more detailed information on our services below



We offer a tailoring service on all our standard products again to ensure you have the most efficient system for your budget.


Bespoke / Custom Solutions

There are times when an off the shelf software solution will simply not do. Of course, modern off the shelf packages like ours are often highly configurable and customizable but you may require a fresh and innovative solution, tailored to your specific needs.  Bespoke software allows for this and can provide you with a key competitive advantage.

Over the years we have establish a highly successful format for delivering bespoke solutions. Our clients tell us that have been delighted by our processes and the benefits delivered. Our projects come in to specification, on-time and on-budget.

If you would like to discuss your project please do call. The initial consultations are free and without obligation.


Our Custom Solutions Can Cost Less, Much Less

Depending on your requirements, but it is very likely that we will already have at least a skeleton of what you require. In many instances over the last three years, we have been able to use our “container” application Workplace Suite (WS) to significantly reduce project time scales.

WS has everything solid applications require; user set-up, automatic MS SQL Server creations and connections, accounts integration set-up and controls and a fully configurable internal report writer which includes many output options including; PDF, MS Excel and text to name only three.

Project timescales are hugely reduced if we can utilise WS as we can then simply write your solution as a WS module.


Web Solutions

We do not focus on creating designer web sites but we do offer to create web services as part of our solutions. We happily work with web design houses and have previously brought in web site designers to provide a comprehensive solution.

Our web services can be really useful. They can be created for example to provide customers access to their live order progress area or for external sales staff to access to stock availability.

We also use web services for remote and mobile worker connectivity


Remote / Mobile Worker

We use web services for remote and mobile worker connectivity were disconnected datasets are the order of the day. Many of solutions are based to be run on terminal servers.  


e-Business Solutions

Our software is often the back office solution that process the orders placed on e-business solutions.

From simple stock allocation to automated purchasing, progress monitoring and finally shipping including posting to Sage Accounts


Working With Your Partners

As software authors we nearly always work with the technology partners of you our customers.

We happily work as an extension to your IT support provider, your Sage dealer and any other partners you have supporting your business.

Our solutions quite often interrogate and or integrate with your other systems providing the final benefits to you.

• Email integration
• e-business site integration
• Cloud services provision and usage analysis
• Weighing scales
• Hand held devices


Enterprise Services Aware

Quite often we represent a minor (but important) proportion of an Enterprise Solution. We work well with businesses of various sizes and have experience working within corporate infrastructures with their associated policies and procedures. We also know how to install and implement our solutions on to a couple of computers wired together.

Solution Include