Workplace Suite (WS) works with Sage 50 or Sage 200 and Microsoft’s free SQL database. You can select from one or more of the growing list of application modules

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Workplace Suite (WS), which is written by Encode It Ltd, adds functionality to Sage 50 and Sage 200. Importantly it can also take the strain off Sage 50.

WS is a modular, multi-user application suite that uses the really fast and robust database, Microsoft’s scalable and highly efficient SQL (the free express version works just fine). No servers or any new hardware is normally required which adds further to its attraction.



Growing List of Application Modules

With WS you can select one or more apps from our growing list. Each application delivers a significant list of features. They also enable you to retain your existing accounts software. (Sage 50 and Sage 200)

WS is the platform on which our software applications modules run and is supplied free when you purchase your first module.



WS Stock, Sales and Pre-Sales Modules

WS Stock Control, Sales and Pre-Sales modules combine to offer Sage 50 users;

  • Multi-warehous
  • Multi-bin
  • Batch and Serial Handling
  • Multi-currency
  • Sale Order Entry
  • Pricing
  • Real-time Allocations
  • Hazardous Goods Identification
  • Health and Safety Monitoring
  • Picking
  • Dispatch
  • Invoicing


  • Contact Management
  • Pre-sale Enquires / Leads /Opportunities
  • Data Imports
  • Campaigns
  • Shared Tasks
  • Document handling
  • Report generator


WS Automated Recurring Billing and Payment Processing

WS Automated Recurring Billing and Payment Processing uses Sage Pay to process the credit cards payments and can also create a Direct Debit output file.

  • Multiple billing frequencies
  • Multiple bill item lines
  • Date sensitive text creator
  • One-off, one-time (Ad-hoc) item line additions to bill
  • Automated external data collection and pricing tool
  • Secure “Tokenised” customer card details
  • Card payment processing using Sage Pay
  • Direct Debit transaction file production and control



WS Property Services and Billing Module

  • Call logging
  • Issue Handling
  • Remote Connected Engineers

WS Sales and Distribution

WS Sales and Distributionis ideally suited to Food Wholesalers and Distributors.

  • Call lists by Route
  • Instant price negotiation and update support
  • Price per kg, sell by pack
  • Pick in location order per order or grouped per route
  • Split picking by chilled and dry stores
  • Monitor and control order amendments after first pick
  • Loading sheet in reverse delivery route position order
  • Automated Invoice production in Sage 50
  • Cash Collection sheet production

Remote Workers

Work place suite is also Terminal Server compliant enable remote workers access to all the user defined features.

Fully Featured Internal Report and Document Designer

Our internal report engine can generate reports accros all of these modules