Have a go using Workplace Suite

How do I check Workplace Suite has the features I require for my business processes?

Please contact us so that you can discuss your individual needs in detail with one of our specailst advisors.

We offer a combination of methods of confirming Workplace Suites complete suitability and the benefits its adoption can bring to your business. These are;

Remote "Have a Go" and Demonstrations

Here we invite you to take remote control of one of our demonstration systems. This enables you to use and test Workplace Suite under guidance to ensure its complete suitability, all without leaving your office or arranging an onsite visit.



On-site "Have a Go" and Demonstrations

Here one of our specialist team will visit you with Workplace Suite on a laptop. Again you get your hands on the software and have a guided trial of Workplace Suite and its features.

"Have a Longer Go" with Trial Software Installed on your Computer

Occasionally some businesses wish to run a trial. Here we offer to remotely assist you to install Workplace Suite onto your computer and further guild you in setting up a test environment.

Talk Directly to Reference Sites

We are also able to offer reference sites that you can talk to directly. We do ask our clients to act a reference when needed and everyone to date has indicated that they are happy to help. They clearly don't want to be bombarded and do ask that we leave it until the end of the sales cycle, once every other question has checked and been ticked off as ok.