Property Services

Property Services Software

From the logging the call through to billing and analysis

Software for scheduling, co-ordinating and billing property services.

Centrally managed and with seamless communication to a mobile work force.

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Designed for
• Housing Associations
• Councils
• Property Maintenance Providers
• Business and Domestic Property Owners
• Estate Managers
• Artisans


Your office;
1. Is responsible for logging the existence of a reported problem.
2. Needs to manage this problem effectively through to its resolution.
3. May have mobile technicians who are part of your solution.
4. May wish to bill for some or all of the services rendered.
5. May be a single PC office or a large corporation.


Property Services offers:

• Quick incident logging
• Simple allocation and issuing of jobs to technicians
• An estimated response date calculated based on existing work
• Appointments that can be scheduled by both the office or the technician
• A fast response to customer enquiries
• Easy entry of work done and material used
• Automated invoice creation with optional consolidated billing
• Comprehensive history
• An “out of the box” solution that can be configured by you, to meet your individual needs.

Customer Enquiries

Comprehensive search screens enable customers to be found and their queries to be answered promptly, without having to phone them back!














Scheduling of Appointments

Property Services is designed to enable jobs to be scheduled in three different ways.

1. The office decides and schedules everything.

2. The technician decides and schedules everything.

3. The third and most flexible is where the office schedules the jobs when required but leaves the technician to schedule the remaining.

The scheduled dates, full job details and job notes along with work carried out to date can be viewed by the office, the associated manager and designated technician.

Below is the office administrator’s view where the quick filters are being used to show unscheduled critical jobs so that they can assign to the technicians.

Estimated Response

Most customers would find an estimated start date useful. Based on the jobs priority status, existing work scheduled and hours worked per day Property Services can estimate the approximate date and time of attendance.

If a customer requests and you are able to offer a fixed appointment you can schedule the job there and then.

Estimate responce


Mobile Worker Software

Mobile workerThe software is clear and unambiguous ensuring that completion of the required information (time taken and materials used) is quick and easily after only minimal application training.

Below you can see the technicians screen for assigning outstanding jobs to his diary.
Mobile Manager Software
Manager roles can also be defined. The manager will receive copies of all jobs that have been allocated to their defined team enabling them to monitor progress and work completed.

Pricing Jobs Ready for Invoicing
The pricing of invoices is highly configurable from within the Property Services.

Different Labour types can be priced as £x for the first hour and then £y per additional hour.

Material pricing is configured again in the set up area. A mark up from cost for each category type can be defined.

A selection of additional profiling rules is offered that includes minimum invoice value, fixed agreed charges etc

Alternatively any job can have a fixed price assigned to it.

Price Job

Invoice Creation in Sage 50
At any point an operator can select to create invoices.


Consolidated Billing
Where a customer is happy to receive a consolidated bill, this can be defined within the software.


Invoice Import File for other ERP systems.
The software can not only be producing invoices within Sage 50 but also enables effective integration with many other management account suites.


All completed jobs can be viewed offering a complete history of works.

Communication to and from Mobile Technician
We have designed our solution using simple, robust web objects. These can sit on most office computers and servers that run the Microsoft operating system. This can therefore be an existing single PC, part of your existing corporate solution or a new computer, provided by us with everything installed ready to go.

Highly Configurable
Property Services is been designed from the outset to be highly configurable ensuring that it can meet your particular needs.

Where you may have any further requirements, as the authors, our in-house development team can deliver a detailed proposal.

Virtually every element of the package can be tailored to reflect your business processes.

Here, as an example, we have created a new Fault and have defined a default priority


We have designed the Project Manager security to be easily managed and to meet the needs of most large organisations.

Documents, Reports and Analysis
Property Services has a growing list of standard documents and reports that can be produced to organise and present the wealth of information held within the software. The reports can also be exported in many different formats.


Built in Report Designer
The standard documents and reports can be amended to suit your design equipments. You can also generate your own reports from scratch and define the security level required.

Reprt Designer

If you want to benefit from using the communication features, all you will need is a normal broadband connection at your office with a router and your external technicians need a device running Microsoft Windows 7 or above with internet access.

For further information or to arrange a demonstration please contact us.