Specialist Features

Available Now 

  • Customer specific personalisation, only have the features you need! 
  • Pre-Sales Module. Enquiry handling with task management and campaign analysis 
  • Decant
  • Property Services Module with remote mobile working integration.
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Remote Site Link  (Utilising MS Terminal Services)
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Recurring/Repeat Credit Card Processing.
  • Recurring/Repeat Billing Module.
  • Cloud and other services including Attix5, both fixed and variable billing with automated payment processing.

Areas of future design but not under development

  • Handheld Mobile Despatch. Please contact us or see Code Barcode
  • Handheld Mobile Goods-in. Please contact us or see Code Barcode
  • EPOS. Please contact us or see Store Master
  • Trial Build and Issue of Sage BOM with Batch and Serial tracking. 
  • Works Orders (BOM). Please contact us or see Code Orange MRP
  • Website Integration Please contact us
  • Telephony Integration (TAPI) Please contact us.